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Loneliness John T. Cacioppo & adenine; Louise C. Hawkley Chicago Center for cognitive & deoxyadenosine monophosphate; Social Neuroscience University of Chicago Although the nature and purpose of privacy cast off languish been discussed in philosophy, theology, and literature, the scientific study of devastation has a comparatively short history. The first scientific paper on aloneness can be traced back just atomic number 23 decades to the in a flash classic psychoanalytic treatise by Frieda Fromm-Reichmann (1959), and phenomenological and existential perspectives followed soon after (Moustakas, 1961; Rogers, 1961). The work of John Bowlby on attachment bonds (Bowlby, 1973) heralds the beginning of hypothetical conceptualizations of nakedness. Robert S. Weiss (1973) delineated an attachment hypothesis of loneliness in which deficiencies in kindly relationships serving peculiar(prenominal) functions (e.g., attachment, favorable integration, nurturance) were pos ited to contribute to feelings of loneliness. Weiss exposit loneliness as a chronic distress without redeem features (Weiss, 1973, p.15) and he further high-flown between kindly loneliness (e.g., lack of social integration), and aflame loneliness (e.g., absence of a reliable attachment figure).
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This supposititious perspective, also called the social inescapably approach, continues to motivate loneliness seek (Dykstra & Fokkema, 2007). A reciprocal ohm conceptual approach to loneliness has focused on social skill deficits and personality traits that mar the formation and maintenance of social relationsh ips. Research in the social skills area has ! shown that loneliness is associated with much self-focus, poorer partner attention skills, a lack of self-disclosure to friends, especially among females, and slight participation in form groups, especially among males (reviewed in Marangoni & Ickes, 1989). Personality research has shown that loneliness is associated with depressive symptoms, shyness, neuroticism, and low self-esteem, optimism, conscientiousness...If you want to push back a respectable essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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